Asian Couple Create an App to Envy

envylope app

Are you a person who goes to a lot of events and have to give money or gifts at each of them? How about organizing and keeping track of what people have given you on your birthday, special holiday or even your wedding? It can be a pain in the butt. That’s where South Asian couple Amit & Bandhna Bajaj saw a gap and a solution to a problem by creating an app that does the organizing and tracking for you (well not literally, but it makes it a lot easier). That app is called envylope.

envylope app

“Envylope makes it simple to have records of who you have given to, received from – at what event, when and the monetary value.”

The couple, although from Punjabi descent, are currently living in UK. Amit who is the sole developer and Bandhna is a UI designer and marketer make the perfect fit in creating this very useful and simple app.

Although only on the iPhone and priced at $0.99 (soon to be released on android as the creators have told me), I know I simply can’t wait to test out this app for myself and will probably have to update this article then.

You can also find the an in-depth article and interview by Masala Magazine (a Bangkok-based publishing company) explaining the story behind the app: “Pushing the Envylope” and also one by TeckComesFirst.

This is a lesson for entrepreneurs, including myself, that sometimes ideas don’t come from sitting in front of a laptop, researching and making business plans. Sometimes ideas come from problems that are right under your nose, in your community or around the corner. You just have to keep your eyes open and go for it.

In my opinion, the next step in Envylope could be a feature that actually allows users to send and receive money or even gifts through 3rd party vendors like amazon or local partners. What do you think? Possible?

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