BkkChallenge Day 2 – Song Lyrics that Define You


It’s Day of the #BkkChallenge Twitter campaign and this one is a bit more exciting than the previous one (I’m going to try making each new one a bit harder and more challenging). BkkChallenge Day 2 is all about songs and how they represent you.

Songs are a great way to express ourselves. They help motivate and inspire us to achieve things whether you’re pumping iron in the gym, jogging around a park, finishing up that massive blog post or even breaking out those epic dance moves. They can also help us get through the day when we’re down or excite us when we’re happy.

What we listen to or watch can really define us and whether we like it or not, songs are a part of us. So in this challenge, I want you to tweet part of a song lyric that characterizes you or how you are feeling today…’cause, baby, you’re a firework! Come on, show ’em what you’re worth.

Remember to follow the rules (in case you forgot) here they are again:

  • Must use #BkkChallengeX in your tweet where X is the day of the challenge, so for today you must use #BkkChallenge2
  • Fit your entire message within 125 characters or less
  • No use of abusive language. Let’s keep it clean guys.
  • If you join in late and want to do a Challenge 1, you can, but tweet or DM me so I can update the post to include your tweet.
  • Have a blog? Sure you can do a blog post on the challenge but share your post with a tweet. Tip: Use URL shortners to reduce character count.