Bkk Challenge Day 3 – Take a Photo From a Rooftop

bkkchallenge day 3

I simply love rooftops whether it’s on the 40 something floor of a hotel or above a 10 story condominium. It’s the ideal place to catch stunning skyline or a captivating sunset and Bangkok surely does not lack in having some of the most amazing rooftop bars and restaurants. Quite literally a new one pops up every so often.

Bangkok Bkk skyline

Image Source: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=18362&page=159

So for day 3 of Bkk Challenge, make your way up to the tallest building you can and snap a shot of a sunset or skyline from the rooftop. It could be from your own apartment as well but just make sure there are no buildings blocking your way and it should be from the rooftop. Chances are that you might not be in Bangkok and that’s OK. This challenge, albeit being named BkkChallenge can still be open to others living in other parts of Thailand or around the world.

Along with the photo, I want you to describe the experience and the view as best as you can. Sure the photo alone is worth a 1,000 words but we want to know how you feel when you took it…after all, this is a twitter challenge to fit your message in the 140 character limit.

Here are the rules again:

  • Must use #BkkChallengeX in your tweet where X is the day of the challenge, so for today you must use #BkkChallenge3
  • Fit your entire message within the twitter character limit
  • No use of abusive language. Let’s keep it clean guys.
  • If you join in late and want to do a previous day(s) challenge, you can, but tweet or DM me so I can update my post to include your tweet. Here are links to Day 1 and Day 2.
  • Have a blog? Sure you can do a blog post on the challenge but share your post with a tweet.
  • Photo must be taken from a rooftop. If you’re in Bangkok, that’s OK! Show us one from wherever you are. Diversity is always welcome!

Here’s mine

  Your turn. Ready? Go! 

Wow this challenge had a great turnout. Some stunning photography and views here. Check them out below.  




And just for laughs, this one is by @stickyboybangkok