Bkk Challenge Day 5 – Take a Photo of Your Favorite Object

favorite object bkkchallenge

We’re  now on to Day 5 of the Bangkok Twitter Challenge and we’re gaining steam going towards the end. For today we’re going to focus on your favorite object(s) that relates to your life in Bangkok or Thailand.

At the top of my head, a bottle of Redbull or a cup of Mama really resonates with me, especially during my college years here. They got me through late nights of studying and finishing up projects. I want you to do the same and take a photo of your favorite item and explain to us why it is.

Here are the rules (well more like guidelines):

  • Must use #BkkChallenge5 for today’s challenge.
  • Explain why the object is your favorite. Fit your entire message within the twitter character limit.
  • No use of abusive language. Let’s keep it clean guys.
  • If you join in late and want to do a previous day(s) challenge, you can, but tweet or DM me so I can update my post to include your tweet. Here are links to Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4.
  • Have a blog? Sure you can do a blog post on the challenge but share your post with a tweet.