Bkk Challenge Day 4 – A Twitter Video Story

story through twitter video

Yesterday in #BkkChallenge3, I had asked you to take a photo of the city from a rooftop and it got some amazing response. Well if a picture is worth a 1,000 words then how much are videos worth? Videos are highly engaging and social networks are excellent tools to share them with family, friends and even customers.

With Twitter video feature, you can capture and share short clips that represent the most meaningful moments in your life. For Bkk Challenge Day 4, I want you to take a short video of your life in Bangkok or Thailand on Twitter. If you don’t live here anymore, then show us something that reminds you of your time here and you can talk in the video describing how that is.

Make the video as creative or fun as possible. Think of it as extension of Challenge Day 1, where you introduced yourself but you have a more creative tool at your disposal now. It can be of your day at work, a night out with friends or an adventure you’re taking later in the day. Use your imagination…the sky is the limit.

Here are the rules again:

  • Must use #BkkChallenge4 for today’s challenge
  • Fit your entire message within the twitter character limit + your video.
  • It must include a video using Twitter’s native video feature only. That means you can’t use links from Youtube or other video networking sites.
  • No use of abusive language. Let’s keep it clean guys.
  • If you join in late and want to do a previous day(s) challenge, you can, but tweet or DM me so I can update my post to include your tweet. Here are links to Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3
  • Have a blog? Sure you can do a blog post on the challenge but share your post with a tweet.

I’m excited to see all your videos and I’m sure day 4 will be quite challenging and fun! So let’s get rolling.

I thought I would do something fun but ended up staying in and watching a couple of episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.