Bangkok Twitter Challenge

bangkok twitter challenge

For the past year, Twitter has been my favorite social media platform for making a name for myself and to advance in my marketing career. I use it to make new contacts, learn new skills and read up on the latest in the industry. It’s also a great way to share my thoughts and feelings on the things I love such as food, fitness, travel and reviews on places I visit through direct tweets or shared articles.

Recently, a twitter friend, Pallavi of @BkkBeginners did an interesting challenge where she asked the twitterverse who live or have lived in Bangkok to share 55-word short stories by email and she would feature them on her blog. This got me thinking, why not take that a step further – creative writing on Twitter!

Twitter’s famous 140-character limit can be real challenge for some to transform their views and opinions into interesting and thoughtful, yet concise tweets. So I’m starting a #BkkChallenge where for 7 days, I will be posting a challenge everyday revolving around a topic and participants must tweet about it in creative ways. It could be anything, but relating to Bangkok or Thailand only! Sometimes I might ask you to include a photo, making it even harder to get your point across with words. Then the following morning, I will be featuring your tweets in my blog post and will also give the next challenge for the day and so on.

Here are some general rules to follow (more might be added for a particular challenge):

  • Must use #BkkChallengeX in your tweet where X is the day of the challenge. For example if it is day 3, you would use #BkkChallenge3.
  • Must fit your entire message within 140 characters (OK, to be fair, it’s actually 126 characters thanks to the hashtag but hey, that is the challenge).
  • No use of abusive language. Let’s keep it clean guys.
  • Use the daily topic, question or challenge for your tweet.
  • If you join in late and want to do a previous day(s) challenge, you can, but tweet or DM me so I can update my post to include your tweet.
  • Have a blog? Sure you can do a blog post on the challenge but share your post with a tweet. Tip: Use URL shortners to reduce character counts. The point is to be creative and to engage in a community of writers, bloggers and of course, tweeps.

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